axelle red - a man so respected

A Man So Respected
After a night a bit too short on that plane
Discussing the world economy's progress

You pay for entertainement top dollars
Quite fair you guess

Of course you forget that the girl is in chains
When she praises you, tells you "what a man"

You listen to her story, she cries
But then you start again

... So unexpected
From a man so respected
So unexpected from you

A girl so affected
You could have just left her
Oh, you went unprotected too

In your 4 seasons room online with home
Why think of a girl "another whore"

She's licking her wounds in her dome
High on "another plastic straw"

But then you're not the pig or the butcher she explained
And Time Magazine wrote about the traffic too

If she were your daughter, your mother, ex-brother
Would you still be that cool

... So unexpected
From a man so respected
So unexpected from you

All the money she collected
Her access to freedom
Spent on rejecting what comes from you

Her final dream collapsed
But you ain't got nothing to do with that
No, it's the ones we elect
That should object and detect

You got your poor wife infected
Co responsible, cause she always accepted
Cause anything's better than doing you
Or deal with a mistress or two

... So unexpected
From a man so respected
So unexpected from you

You were never negelcted
Perhaps mum overprotected
But that couldn't be your excuse

Daughter's in school safely selected
Webcam where can be inspected
Now hope they' 'll find a man like you

Hope you 'll ever be reflecting
The consequences of your acting
That girl is a slave not in your cave but 'cause of you

Laws are made by men like you
Why would you want them to change
But no woman "out of chains", even "full of brains"
Would still claim her "right to fuck"
Get laid - paid humiliated by a snob
If she had his position his job

Be brave start a wave
"The 50 different way
To get a lover, not undercover"
Nude parade, alternate who dominates

Be a man, stand by your wife
Discover a whole new sex life
Dirty weekends, pants down day, specialties in May
... every day different gear, "price of the year"
Swallow your fear.

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