alice cooper - snakebite

(Alice Cooper/Jack Ponti/Vic Pepe/Bob Pfeifer/Lance Bulen/Kelly Keeling)

Somebody better shake you
Somebody better turn your head around
I`m scratching like a wild cat
I`m spitting fire on the ground

You got my venom running thru ya
Ain`t gonna let you run off wild

I`m Snakebite
I`m your only man
Snakebite is your lover
You`ll never hide, baby understand
Snakebite drags you under
I`m Snakebite
They call me Snakebite

Nobody gonna take you
Nobody gonna touch your rebel skin
I`ll break `em like a matchstick
Cuz baby that`s the kind of mood I`m in

My face is tattooed on your shoulder
Your name is scratched into my bike, yeah


You got my venom runnin` thru ya
If you`re gonna run
Go running scared, I`m right behind ya


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