ac/dc - hells bells

Back In Black (1980)
Who Made Who (1986)
SINGLE: Rock And Roll Ain`t Noise Pollution/Hells Bells (1980)
SINGLE: Hells Bells/What Do You Do For Money Honey (France?) (1980)
LIVE (1992)
(Young, Young, Johnson)

I`m the rolling thunder; the pouring rain.
I`m comin` on like a hurricane.
White lightning`s flashing across the sky!
You`re only young but you`re gonna die!

I won`t take no prisoners - won`t spare no lives!
Nobody`s putting up a fight!
I got my fill; I`m gonna take you to hell;
I`m gonna get you - Satan get you...

Hell`s Bells!
Yeah, Hell`s Bells!
You got me ringing Hell`s Bells!
My temperature`s high! Hell`s Bells!

I`ll give you black sensations up and down your spine.
If you`re into evil, you`re a friend of mine.
See my white light flashing as I split the night,
`Cause if good`s on the left, then I`m stickin` to the right!

I won`t take no prisoners, won`t spare no lives;
Nobody`s puttin` up a fight.
I got my fill; I`m gonna take you to hell;
I`m gonna get you - Satan get you...


Hell`s Bells, Satan`s comin` to you!
Hell`s Bells, he`s ringing them now!
Hell`s Bells, the temperature`s high!
Hell`s Bells, across the sky...
Hell`s Bells, they`re takin` you down.
Hell`s Bells, they`re draggin` you around.
Hell`s Bells, gonna split the night!
Hell`s Bells, there`s no way to fight! Yeah!

Ow, ow, ow, ow!

Hell`s Bells!

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