Revision 97:

Small Fixes

Added COPYTO menu item

CD Covers / Artist Images can be loaded from LastFM

Artist Information & Track Overview from LastFM is working again

Added an option to disable VU-Meter

Possible to remove libraries

Updates Lyrics plugins

Since Rev 79, the played files were not closed.  This could lead to a crash after a while.

Auto Reconnect for disconnected Radio-Stream

LINUX: More images are using BGRABitmaps.  Better support for GTK2.

Revision 79:

Tempo (Speed) control

Removed all Facebook related items due to no more FBCMD support

Added an option to deleted a recording after copy to a folder

Added network control (more information will follow).  You can now control XiX from another device on the same network using TCP commands

ID3 Tagger:  Track Renumbering

Possible to download LAME & FLAC in Windows & MacOS when not found

Multisong deleting

Windows: Reverse playback releases song after playing (this fixes that a song being played reversed was not able to play it again)

Small bug fixes in: Tag Libraries, Lyrics Plugin

Stations in with highest bitrate (when different bitrates are available) are used

VirtualFS now follows the chosen library

version 0.39c:

Close to Tray/Minimize option. (suggested by Leledumbo)

Reshuffle Menuitem was not enabled when SHUFFLE was active at start.

TDRC and TDOR used for save v2.4 ID3 compliant dates. (Thanks to JesusR)

Mousewheel works again on Progressbar

Added "Modern - Rock/Metal" and "Live Performances" to Archive

Download the Song from Internet Archive

Added Checkboxes in RipCD

r43: VirtualFS (Thanks to JesusR)

r43: small fixes

r43: Save/Read state of checkboxes of lyric plugins

version 0.39b:

MacOS: Rip CD: ID3-Tags, CD-name and/or Track names with " (eg. 12" remix) did not get ripped/encoded.  Solved.

Need to be tested on Windows & Linux

Rip CD: Artist name did not show when reading CD information.

version 0.39a:

Added library support.  You can have as many different libraries (Folders that you want to in/exclude) as you want, and change on the fly.  You can however only use one library at once.

If a library is found when config file needs to be renewed, you can import your folders in the wizard.

Possible to chose your audio device

Scheduled Radio Stream Recording can be made recurrent.  Recordings can be renamed and copied automaticly.

If LAME and/or FLAC are not installed, you will get the message before the track actually gets ripped

In Multi Tagging you can now select to include or not the lyrics for all selected songs

Unselecting Follow song works again

In full Media Mode you can swipe right/left for next/previous song. You can swipe up/down to change volume (Tablets)

QT4:  Fixed a problem with switching between Fullscreen Media  Mode and normal mode.

version 0.38d:

Fixed an error which trimmed the FLAC idVendor by one char at the end

Linux: Fixed a lock-up with the Full Screen Media Player when leaving with double click

Reflection of CD Cover was removed when radiostation was played. Fixed.

MacOS: Compiled with the new Lazarus 1.4RC1

version 0.38a/b/c:

Plugin for loading Lyrics

Sorting order for searching Lyrics

Removed some errors for Windows platform.

New Progressbar.  No Mousewheel support for now :(

Better UNICODE support (Still work in progress)

Change Fontsizes

ARM Linux: Reflection of CD-Cover now works for ARM too.

version 0.37e:

Read more OPUS Tags.


Support for folders in Multi-Rename


Fixed an application freeze when an encoded picture frame was found in a flac file


Buffer length can be changed in the configuation dialog

Search now searches all added tags

version 0.37d:

Added a webbrowser unit LAZBRO (

Show Wikipage of artist with external browser (English and Language chosen for XiX), or with integrated LAZBRO browser

Show complete LastFM artist Information & most played songs on LastFM from artist (integrated)

Save BEGIN and END trim of song

Play now start at the BEGIN trim and stop at the END trim setting of song.  This way you can skip unwanted intro's or silence.

Added very basic DSD support.  (Added .dff and .wav)

Number of times a song was played didn't get saved. (I do not save it in the ID3-Tag, if you want this feature, let me know)

Saved state of SHUFFLE was not shown at first start

Added Grouping, SubTitle, Conductor, Orchestra, Original Title, Original Year, Interpreter to the tags (MultiTag dialog) (MP3/FLAC/APE/OGG)

Save/Read Lyrics in the ID3-Tag (MP3/FLAC/APE/OGG).

Reading/Saving FLAC/MP3 embedded picture in MultiTag Dialog. (Also used in the Main app when no local or internet folder has been found)

Fixed a few errors on saving FLAC/OGG Tags in RENAME and INFO Dialog.

FMversion 0.37c:

Reading CD-TEXT is seperated from reading CD.  Some bugs are gone, but still not 100% correct. (Only Linux & Windows)

version 0.37b:

Creating a new playlist created a wrong submenu (FIXED)

Remove selected songs from playlist is working again. Don't know what happened, but the procedure was left empty.

version 0.37a:

Added Multi ID3 Tagging.  Tag different files at once.  (Based on EASYTAG)

Added Multi Rename.  Rename different files using the ID3 Tags.  (Also based on EASYTAG)

Added a Debug Log Window.  Makes it easier to check the internals when something goes wrong :)

Playin a CD Track shows the right information in the Playing fields

More fields can be translated

Added PopUp Menus to the Artist and Album listbox

CD/DVD Rip: Removed some small bugs

LANGUAGE:  DUTCH is up-to-date

LINUX:  Possible to change the OPTICAL Device

ARM: CD/DVD Support.  Now it is possible to rip tracks on the Raspberry Pi and Odroid U2/U3

version 0.35a:

CD/DVD Rip: Updated the CD/DVD Rip Dialog

CD/DVD Rip: Choose and embed CD-Cover in file  (MP3 and FLAC)

CD/DVD Rip: Edit and save all tags in ID3 (MP3 and FLAC)

CD/DVD Rip: Possible to set NO FADE option for live CD's

CD/DVD Rip: Only LAME can be used for DVD-Tracks  (FLAC Support will come)

CD/DVD Rip: Possible to choose device to rip (Only LINUX)

OPUS BASS Lib support.  Fixed freeze bug when OPUS files were found.

Post CD Cover to facebook (Needs FBCMD)

Probably a lot of small bug fixes that I forgot

version 0.34:

Lyrics not found once will not be searched again, until the application is reloaded, or the lyrics are manually reloaded or 100 lyrics have not been found

Add a folder to the searchpath from within the filemanager tab

GTK version: Fullscreen should be more responsive. Graphic glitch on resoluion greater than 1920x1080 (Will be fixed in one of next release)

Fixed a problem when the lyrics thread was not yet finished and a new one got started. Even cached lyrics would be loaded online again.


version 0.33e/f:

Basic .CUE support in filemanager. If a .cue file is found with the same name as the music file, the cue file is used to display the different tracks in the music files. (Not yet supported in playlists and playing queue)

Support for radiostations posted on

icon in MacOS app

Move a selected song in the playing queue to the position after the playing song

Planning a recording now includes own added stations

Images used in online radiostations are saved in png. Solves an error about wrong image type.

New Full-screen media look

version 0.33d:

When downloading a podcast when closing the app, the YES and NO for saving or closing were the otherway around.

When listening to RADIO or PODCAST the displayed info got mangled (LINUX: 0.33c)

version 0.33c:

Search for CD-Covers and/or Artist Picture on

Removed coding error in searching files.  This could halt the application in searching new songs

Removed coding error: when a file gets deleted and song active is further in playlist, the next/previous song was not right

Removed coding error: when changing song information and track=0 -> no track nr shown (was 00)

Save Mono option for songs (Mono itself not yet active)

Save Trim at begin and end of song (Trim itself not yet used)

Post CD-Cover or Artist Picture of song playing to Facebook (Needs FBCMD)

When no changes in songs or songinformation, the database is not updated when the application quits.  Saves time.

Updated Random routine (Does not start with the first song in the playlist anymore)

Filter out special MacOS files starting with '._'.  These are files created on not HFS partitions to store extra file information for MacOS

version 0.32i:

Files with foreign characters in the filename should work on MacOS X (eg. Plc.4 Mie Hæd.opus)

version 0.32h:

Updated all songtext sources to work again

Adding a Radiostream does not stop the stream from playing  (Thanks to Chris Clemson)

Cancelling Adding a radiostation does not stop the stream from playing  (Thanks to Chris Clemson)

version 0.32g:

! in artist name is saved (eg. Id!Ots does not become Idots) in searching songtext, biography, discography

version 0.32f:

Fullscreen Mediamode (ctrl-M or  double click on CD Cover / icon)

Configure Update Timer (on ARM the update timer was set at lower speed, but with faster boards showing up each day, you can set the value yourself).  Used for VU and time progress updates.

Cosmectic updates

Click on progressbar jumps to that place in the song

Click on ARTIST shows all songs found by that artist  (Underline/green hoover)

version 0.32c:

Better Songtext search. '(demo)' and '(live)' are discarded.

Lyricsmedia works again

Changed certain font sizes to fixed sizes.  Easier for different platforms and Linux Distro's.  Will also make it easier to implement user font size.

Changes in Dialogs and Listboxes to make them less OS dependent

ARM: Fixed a bug on ODROID when reading the database

ARM: Fixed for

Theming can hide image backgrounds on all OS's

External DB only gets loaded when it is specified in the config.

TO DO:  Read and Save DB on all external Devices, not only the first in list

Lame Config show values for all platforms

version 0.32a:

Gui theme support

Added a third VU

Changes in rename or detailed info is reflected in grids

Save DB on external drive (optional)  Saved time when a drive got disconnected.

Better Radio Information updates

ARM: Updated BASS library, better PulseAudio support

ARM: Odroid platform also supported

WINDOWS: Drive was not always included in filenames. (FIXED)

version 0.31m:

Removed a coding error.  Adding Radiostation works again.

version 0.31l:

Removed a coding error.  The file created for artistinfo was opened twice and never closed. (Error creating thread)

version 0.31k:

Spanish translation (Thanks to José Maschiovechio)

Read OPUS Tags  (contains still errors due to hardcoded posistions, works on most files)

Correctly adjust some international chars (MP3)

version 0.31j:

Read M4A Tags

Notification showed previous album (FIXED)

MacOS X - 0.31j2: Removed a coding error.  The file created for artistinfo was opened twice and never closed. (Error creating thread)

version 0.31i:

Edit/Save APE tags

version 0.31h:

Edit/Save OGG and FLAC tags

Added Original Artist, Composer and Copyright to OGG/FLAC id3-tags

version 0.31g:

ALL: Added Original Artist, Composer and Copyright to MP3 id3-tags

ALL: Show Original Artist and Composer when playing

ALL: Show bitrate for OGG files

ALL: Start of Danish translation  (Thanks to Karl Vaeversted)

version 0.31f:

ALL: Very Basic OPUS and APE support

LINUX:  Libraries are now found when copied to /usr/lib  (For codec support)

version 0.31e:

ALL: Loading CD-Cover is threaded.  (Can be more optimized by using streams instead of files) (NOT YET FOR WINDOWS)

Version 0.31d:

LINUX:  sound distortion on some LINUX Distros is solved

ALL: New Splashscreen

Version 0.31a:

ALL: Better ID3-TAG APIC support

ALL: Progressbar while loading files

ALL: Option to ReRead ID3-Tags

Version 0.30nt: (LINUX (i386), MacOS X - TEST RELEASE 7)

New Source code, so new bugs and previous fixes can be available

NEW: More than 40000 songs can be loaded

NEW: Fade between manual selection is working

NEW: Info about artist using info found on xixmusicplayer and/or

NEW: Discography found on xixmusicplayer

NEW: Better thread support (Songtext, artist info, M3U playlists)

NEW: Add to begin of PLAYING QUEUE

NEW: Play Same Genre or Year

NEW: Better CD Ripping support

NEW: LAME Configuration is being used and saved

NEW: Test Radiostation before adding

NEW: New songs always get scanned for id3-tags  (Slower, but more accurate)

NEW: Added COMPOSER and COPYRIGHT tafs for MP3 files

NEW: Rip DVD Tracks only needs MPLAYER

REMOVED: Theme support (Temp)

NEEDS WORK: When new files are added/deleted, sometimes all files get scanned for id3-tags (slow and not needed)

Test 2: FX are back

Test 2: Language change on the fly. Bug in Language choice removed.

Test 2: NO DEBUGGING INFO: Smaller Size

Test 3: Playing a file from File Manager is back

Test 3: Changing folders in configuration loads these new selected folders (needs some more work)

Test 4: MacOS compilation

Test 4: MacOS:  Made the Internet Archive Logo better blend in

Test 4: ALL: Removed a small LAME CONFIG error

Test 4: ALL: Listen to a radio recording

Test 4: ALL: Adding/changing PLAYLISTS updates the PLAYING QUEUE PopUp Menu too

Test 4: ALL: You are reminded that a shedule is planned when Quiting the application

Test 4: ALL: Removed a small PODCAST error

Test 5: ARM Release.  Loading times are slower, but once loaded, the application should be faster (TESTING NEEDED)

Test 5: ALL: Added PODCAST are saved

Test 5: ALL: Deleting a file did not yet delete the file

Test 5: Some EQ errors removed.

Test 5: When EQ is active, changing the file setting of the EQ show be directly active too.

Test 6: ALL: When no CD Artwork is found, the file get scanned for the APIC ID3-Tag

Test 7: ALL: Removed folder RADIO & ARCHIVE.  Needed files get downloaded at first start.

NEEDS TESTING: Ripping DVD in MacOS X with mplayer

NEEDS WORK: Getting ALBUM ARTWORK is not yet threaded

NEEDS WORK: When new files are added/deleted, sometimes all files get scanned for id3-tags (slow and not needed)

WANTED IN NEAR FUTURE VERSION: Musicbrainz support (fundamentals already implemented)


WANTED IN NEAR FUTURE VERSION: Better Filemanager and play options in Filemanager


Version 0.23c:

Download Queue for podcasts

Removed an  error in adding all songs to the playing queue

Facebook works with MacOS

Version 0.23b:

Fixed a bug when an empty year was entered in ripping a CD.

Version 0.23a:

Updated Wizard GUI to follow OS Theme more strictly.

Keep track of the number of times a song has been played

M3U File list should not create an error when changing and saving order of the songs

Next & Previous, EQ & FXs work for podcasts

Added "Internet Archive" as a source of music.  78RPM, Cylinder & Tape recordings.  (SCREENSHOT)

Mute works for Podcasts too

ARM: New BASS Libraries:  Support for FX (Thanks to JOBnik!) and support for .M4A

Version 0.22b:

MacOS updates

Download Podcasts

CD Cover lock-up removed

Started basic keyboard control

Version 0.22a:

Set EQ for individual song

Show bitrate in info dialog (id3-dialog)

ARM: Also added

Added baspis Podcast Support (Add, Delete and Listen to Podcasts)

Version 0.21a:

Bringing MacOS version up-to-date

Some GUI updates to follow the OS theme

Added & to the libs.  Possible to play M4A files (iTunes) in Linux.

Version 0.20b:

Changing id3-tags also possible in id3-tag info dialog

Internal order of song now keeps track of manual drag&drop of songs. Order should now always be OK.

Version 0.20a:

Changing and saving id3-tags (Rename dialog)

Version 0.19d:

Fixed an error in reloading folders

Version 0.19c:

Rip song have the FADE flag

First start wizard does not run the detailed info twice after start (FIXED a possible crash)

Removed thread from Lyrics part

Version 0.19b:

Schedule: plan radiostream recording

Updated Italian language (Thanks to Giacomo Margarito)

Added Italian Radiostreams

Updated Lyricsources

Version 0.19a:

Removed small error in GETCDCOVER: When no album was found and no '(' or '[' in name the first .JPG file would get loaded, while none should be loaded

Record the Radiostation you listen to

Play recorded Radiostreams

Fixed some small errors in save presets, when no presets are available

Version 0.18e:

CD Cover adjusts itself when height is smaller

Version 0.18d:

Removed an error in renaming file

Change Song information in database (In Rename Dialog)

Made shuffle a lot quicker (thanks to JuhaManninen - Lazarus forum)

Cover for Song without Album information. If a JPG File is found with the same name as the song, it gets loaded as album art

Beter local Cover Search

Loading of songs should be a little faster

Version 0.18c:

No need to check for CD Cover when scanning for Id3 tags

FIXED: Changing the M3U order does not trigger the SAVE button

Added as Lyric Source

Added as Lyric Source

FIXED: LINUX/MAC: Changing CD Cover did not change filename to lowercase

Version 0.18b:

Hide CD-Cover above Lyric when playing RadioStream

Resized some dialogs to fit new languages

Italian Language

RIP: Changes characters that can not be used by filesystem to '_'

ARM: EQ & Pre-Volume useable on Raspberry Pi  (Other FXs not yet working)

ARM: Binary has grown - FX & part of CD-Ripping is already compiled in this binary.

Version 0.18a:

Added an option to exclude songs from fading (eg. Live CD)

ARM: Reverse playback is possible (needs BASS_FX, included)

ARM: EQ & FXs (Not yet useable on slow ARM devices)

WINDOWS: Rip Audio from DVD to MP3 or FLAC.  Needs mplayer

Add languages on the fly.  Put your language in the LOCAL folder and you can try out your new language.

Show CD-Cover above Lyrics (Sizeable)

Do not reload CD-Cover when CD-Cover has not changed

Clean up EQ code so it uses less FX layers (Should be less CPU consuming)

FIXED: Shuffle does not always start with the first song in the database

FIXED: Queue would not continue to play when a song reported a longer time than it really was

FIXED: WINDOWS: Forget to close the M3U playlist, so opening a second M3U was not possible

FIXED: WINDOWS: Forgot to close songtexts, could lead to errors

Version 0.17c:

More code cleanup

Show filesize for OGG & FLAC

Ripping Audio from DVD to MP3 or FLAC.  Needs lsdvd & mplayer (only LINUX).

Ripping progress for AUDIO CD or DVD Track is now shown in the RIP Dialog (Encoding progress not yet shown)

Version 0.17b:

Removed one instance (Can start more XiX Players when needed)

Workaround for 'Samba NAS bug'.  Some NAS do not report all files using Lazarus/Freepascal code.  I have added an option to an alternative scan that finds all files (Only tested on Linux).  Infected devices are Synology & Netgear.

Some code clean-up

Added some aliasses to retrieve songtexts

Remove dirs from scanning (seems it got lost somewhere)

Version 0.17a:

Save EQ status (ON/OFF)

Playlist: Remove song(s) from a playlist

Add playlists in Runtime in PopUpMenu. This way it is possible to add songs to a playlist without selecting the playlist first.  Thanks to Mike.Cornflake & Blaazen (Lazarus Forum)

Only one instance of XiX Music Player can get loaded

Lyrics are always shown from top

Repeat OFF, Repeat 1, Repeat ALL now works as it should, regardless of crossfading

Stop playing music sets Artist & Album to '--'

Next & Previous now work with radiostations too

Show '&' in Radio Information

Changing Ripping String Format in Rip Dialog is used instead of the String Format in Configuration.

CD Covers are saved in lowercase

Show broadcasted Station name & Programme name

FIXED: Unable to reopen the Rip window after being closed when minimized

FIXED (Windows): Finding new songs halted the application.

Version 0.16f:

Added Hungarian Language (Magyar), thanks to Gyönki Bendegúz

Better UTF support (International characters)

Updated some translation strings

Updated homepage link to

Version 0.16e:

Added Copy, Rename & Delete file to playing Queue

Version 0.16d:

Removed an error in folder saving presets

Version 0.16c:

RADIO: Added presets to online Radio

Added an option to use as portable app (run from usb).  Still needs to install BASS Libraries

Version 0.16b:

RADIO: Show basic buffer message

RADIO: Don't show title time string

RADIO: Didn't always show the radio tab correctly (FIXED)

Version 0.16a:

RADIO: Added Internet Radio

RADIO: Online Updates for recent list of available radios

RADIO: Add Radiostations

RADIO: Lyric support for online radio when title info is available

Version 0.15f:


Added to lyrics search

Better parsing to find lyrics

Songtexts are saved in lowercase

ARM: Raspberry Pi Support

ARM: Only supports armhf (Hard Float) distro

ARM: No reverse playback

ARM: No CD, No EQ, No FX

Version 0.15d:

Dock Songtext Dialog uses internal icon

In artist mode: Play or navigate to Album

Better click handling of Listboxes

RIP CD: Added '%1' in filename parsing (First character of artist)

RIP CD: Change parsing string in ripping window

RIP CD: Added 'Album' to all songs that you want to rip and fill in Album, Year & Genre when available

Version 0.15c:

Makes your own themes

Made the window colors matching the system colors

Themes are now saved in 1 file

Executable File is bigger. This is because that the images are saved in the executable itself.

If you choose the Default theme, no theme file needs to be opened at start.

Disabled Color themes (temp)

Delete M3U Playlist

Added FX: Echo, Reverb, Flanger

Version 0.15a:

Added an Equalizer & Pre-Amp

Better songtext parsing

Added to lyrics search

Rename file

Show source and link to lyrics source

Balance control

Version 0.14f:

This release adds French and updated the Dutch language translation.

Mute button

Another error removed in CDDB parsing

Automatically recognizes compilation CDs in CD-ripping mode

Mac OS X support again (with fullscreen option)

Create and post your own personal Facebook posts.

An error in parsing CDDB introduced with the new CDText support has been fixed.

A popup menu to add YEAR and GENRE to all songs that you want to rip has been added

Facebook support (via FBCMD).

CDText support works again.

A check has been added in First Time Wizard for Lame, FLAC, and FBCMD.

Version 0.14a:

When a folder is added or removed in the settings, the songs are updated without the need of a restart

Version 0.13f:

Possible to scan ID3 tags on its first start

When new files are found, the option is given to scan ID3 tags.

Fullscreen mode

Better resizing on VU Changes

Discovery of M3Us in all added folders

Language and theme choice used in configuration

Color Themes

Better "drag start" from the playing queue

Version 0.13a:

Added Analog VU Meters, choice is written in config file

Added a visual to the main window that shows the progress of the songs being checked

Seperated CD-Text extraction. CDDB is used instead. If CD-Text is found you can choose to use CD-Text.

Removed an error in deleting a song in Browser

Basic M3U Support

Sorting in filebrowser works

Play a song without adding it to the Playing Queue

Show the songs of 'same artist' or 'same album'

Version 0.12:

Added OGG support

Read OGG & FLAC tags

Basic Filebrowser support

Hides playlist when in Filebrowser or CD mode

Version 0.11b:

Possible to add songs after the current track playing

Removed some more errors on an empty Playing Queue :)

Reverse playback of MP3 & FLAC (NEEDS BASSFX LIBRARY)

Replacing songs after updates should work better

Double click on the browser, brings you to the Playing Queue

Simple Search: Search in artist, album, title, genre and year

Version 0.10c:

Pressing Play button in CD section loads CD when not already loaded.

Removed some more errors on an empty Playing Queue :)

Emptying the Playing Queue removes all song when no song is playing, otherwise the playing song stays in the playing Queue

CD: Next, Previous & Play work again (was playing the MP3 Playing Queue)

Dropping a song in the playlist produced an error under MacOS X and Windows

Clicking Header in Playing Queue sorts the row selected

Drag and drop Header doesn't drop the first song anymore

Save & use Notification settings

Ripped & encoded songs are put in the library

Loaded CD artwork gets also copied to front.jpg if not already exists

Changed some icons and dialogs

MacOS: Removed an error in CD Ripping/Encoding that prevented lame to run

Version 0.09c:

Remove CD images from cache

Remove Lyrics from cache

Remove CD artwork

Load CD artwork from file

Remove Lyric

Reload Lyric from site

Load Lyric from file

Save changes in Lyric

Added Genre in CD Ripping/Encoding

Added Year in CD Ripping/Encoding

Added Tray Icon & notification

Removed some errors in case of empty Playing Queue