public enemy - earthizen

[Verse 1 - Chuck D:]
A - The war of art against the art of war
B - Be yourself then see yourself
C - Check yourself don’t destroy yourself
D - Don’t love yourself can’t love nobody else
E - Planet Earth I’m a Earthizen
F - Don’t forget the god within
G - Grind to find yourself again
H - Have art fill what’s missin’

The earth without art is just...

[Verse 2 - Chuck D:]
I - I am awake not sleep
J - No justice no peace
K - Ain’t ok to be sheep
L - Listen to the words speakers speak
M - Black lives matter c’mon now
N - No lives matter if we don’t matter
O - Oh say can y’all see?
P - Planet Earth - Public Enemy

The earth without art is just...

[Verse 3 - Chuck D:]
Q - Question is it right or is it wrong?
R - Right on, listen to the song
S - Sacrifice for the team
T - Time to make something mean
U - Means we under arrest
V - Victims of the system stress
W - We instead of me the narrative
Cause art is how we live

[DJ Lord scratches:]
So it’s time to leave you a preview
So you too can review what we do

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