outkast - toilet tisha

Have you heard the news today?
They say a little fourteen year old girl had a baby on the way
Too much for her little mind to bare
An' that type of news, to her mama, she cannot spare

Toilet Tisha
Damn, we miss ya
Toilet Tisha
Is the issue
Damn we miss ya
Toilet Tisha
Damn we miss ya

Don't go away
Don't go away
Go away from me girl I can help you
Don't go away
Don't you dare leave me
Don't go away

Five thousand, one hundred ten days
Is a short period of time, a mere fourteen years
On this precious mother earth
You see Tisha had issues
An' her decision making skills were still in it's early stages
Know what I am talking about
Therefore she could not properly handle a blessing in which
She thought to be an obstacle in her path to adulthood
Just like a brother with a thousand pauses
Should I, Shouldn't I? I can't, I have to
Mama will never see me the same
Daddy and big mama, I know all of them gonna be ashamed of me
Are just a few thoughts racing through her cranium
As she sits on top of the pale, cold porcelain seat
In the rear of the house
The unthinkable
Moments away from becoming reality, sadly with no clue
No way of expressing her feeling to her mama
Or anybody else in her life
Tisha now came to the crossroads
An' now she got to choose


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