next level - i dont know

(feat. K-Borne)

Half whom, KB, Next Level

No need be uncivil or excuse
Cuz I refuse, the power goes
You know my style
We elevate before my break down my new tal
From Slauson Trail to Oakland
You got it, I'm into smokin'
Driving me there like Martin
Callin my lady
Scoping, looking for K-Borne baby
I'm on the Next Level
Learn from En Vogue
I need Spence like a Chevy
Sees them separate
Stop confusing your feelings
This move we got is cool
Relax, I'm into chillin'

[Next Level]
Now if you think you're gonna turn my world upside down
By telling me that you don't care
Or you don't wanna be around
No I can't go for that, no way, oh
No, I'm not a fool
Tell me what you want
Cuz I don't understand what to do

I don't know what to do
Thinking about you girl
And it's driving me crazy
Wondering if you care
So please won't you tell me
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
With my love

Now if you look inside of my heart
Then you will see there is pain
Now I would do anything that you want me to do
Just say you love me, oh

You need a man who can work it out
(Girl I love you so)
And I feel that I can love you without a doubt

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]

Yeah, I don't know what to do
You need a man who can work it out
(Girl I love you so)
And I feel that I can love you without a doubt

[Repeat 1]

Stop trying to run game
Ain't nothing new
It's all the same
Fornicating in vain
Blinded by fame, forgetting names
Seems strange, I feel it seems
I'm snitchin' or lies
When it rains it pours
Don't be jealous cuz I'm fly
Throwing fits but I fit scripts like transfer film
Females scream for this new Don Juan
Sippin' on Dom, chill
Climbing on drum fields per dollars
Power moving
Your jams on so get your dance on it
And keep it groove

[Repeat 1]

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