indigo girls - run

You don't want me calling you up
All melancholy sick from love
You prefer it uncomplicated
Things are tricky now and I bet you hate it
Your mind's eye finds the exit sign
And you're off in perfect fashion

And you run, that's all you've ever done
It's all you know to do
I can't hold that against you
And you'll flee you're born to be free
And if you go I'll understand
But you better get out while you can

Party's over we had our fun
Flirting with madness a loaded gun
As much as nothing everything's changed
I'm soaking in it, it falls like rain
You seek the sun to dry off what's been done
You'll heat up every corner of the world

As you run...
Get out while you can

Can you keep this pace forever
I have never seen it done
You deep burn all you leave behind you
You're the surface of my sun

I measure to what degree
I can shape up what's been forged in me
The copper penny hissing in the pool
So much for wishes so much cooling
Down this fire impossible desire
The further you get the more I'm drawn

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