ice t - the syndicate

[ Ice-T ]

Liquid, solid, gas - we'll be kickin ass

In any form, or matter, or mass

(This ain't science class) I know but it's science

From the rhyme boss of the Syndicate alliance

( ? )

Rhyme Syndicate brotherhood, we rock a blood oath

Radical posse down to death

While your crew's on the tape, Donald-D break

[ Donald-D ]

Syndicate comin through, I'm talkin to you

Flexin hardcore, what could you do?

When we roll up you send your girl up to the crib-o

Is it Rambo? No, the mic ammo

Stompin you down on the ground, task forces

Let you know Rhyme Syndicate bosses

Any show, any tour, we house program

Donald-D is who I am, damn

[ Hen-Gee ]

Atttempt to do this, boy, you're takin a risk

Cause my voice sounds doper than a compact disc

Styles and lyrics ( ? ) in the pocket

Stupid dope beats and Evil E rocks it

( ? ) straight from my heart

My jam is sure to hit the top of the charts

Ram is my sign, he's different from all kinds

Rock you all of the time, just form a single line

[ Ice-T ]

A lot of MC's like to talk 'bout they self

A first-grade topic, I think you need help

How many time on one album can you say you're def?

"I'm baaaad" - Yo punk, save your breath

That's weak shit from a weak mind

And a weak mind creates weak rhymes

You ain't never kicked knowledge one time

Just livin on your own dick (that's a crime)

Homeboy, why don't you talk about somethin

You just talkin loud and sayin nothin

And if you get mad, sorry brother

And when you're in LA, watch your colors

[ Donald-D ]

I'm a MD, but no medical doctor

Mic-Dominator Donald-D has got you

Comin to the jamboree to hear the poetry

And whe

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