electric light orchestra - telephone line

Hello, how are you
Have you been alright
Thru all those lonely, lonely, lonely,
Lonely, lonely nights
That's what I'd say
I'd tell you ev'rything if you'd pick up
That telephone yeah, yeah, yeah

Hey how you feelin'
Are you still the same
Don't you realize the things we did, we did
Were all for real not a dream
I just can't believe they've all faded out of view
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oo oo oo oo

Doo da wop
Dee bee doo da wop
Doo wah doo lang

Blue days black night
Doo wah dee lang
I look into the sky
Your luck ain't really gonna see you through
And I wonder why the little things
Are fin'ly comi' true
Oh, oh telephone line
Give me some time
I'm living in twilight
Oh, oh telephone line
Give me some time
I'm living in twilight

O.K., so no one's answering
Well can't you just let it ring
A little longer, longer, longer
Oh, I'll just sit tight through shadows of the night
Let it ring for ever more
(repeat chorus)

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