axelle red - beautiful thoughts

Beautiful Thoughts
I'm so tired of these thoughts
Heavy weighing on my mind

As a child I believed in good
Greeted the entire neighbourhood

Till once a woman turned to me and said
"Girl, don't know you why being so friendly"

Black crows were flying above her head
Means she never had

Beautiful thoughts
She never had
Beautiful thoughts
And all I want
is beautiful thoughts
She could have said
"Girl how are you doin'?"
Beautiful thoughts
"How 's your day today?"

As much as I didn't want to give in
That day evil decided to win

Always wondered what shocked her more
Human kindness or strangers at war

Never seen, done nothing to each other
In cold blood gettin' rid of her brother
Chasin' these black crows again
Will this come to an end

Beautiful thoughts
I want
Beautiful thoughts
I need
Beautiful thoughts
These strangers say
"Hey how are you doing?"
Beautiful thoughts
"How is your day today?"

I came over to your house to kill you
But I just changed my mind
Can see the war hit you too...
You ran out of water
I bet you don't understand nothing about politics neither
What they're up to
Perhaps we could share some drinks points of view
I don't mind you kneel while I lay down to pray

Beautiful thoughts
Oh I want
Beautiful thoughts
I need
Beautiful thoughts
In this beautiful world with beautiful souls
Beautiful thoughts

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