ac/dc - overdose

Let There Be Rock (1977)
(Young, Young, Scott)

I never smoked with no cigarettes
I never drank much booze
But I`m only a man, don`t you understand
And a man can sometimes lose
You gave me something I never had
Pulled me down with you
Pulled me up, think I`m in love
Hope you can pull me through

I overdosed on you
I overdosed on you
Crazy but it`s true
Ain`t nothing I can do
I overdosed on you

Oh woman you give to me
More than I can take
But listen honey, I don`t mind
You`re a habit I don`t want to break
Don`t want none of that hard stuff
Don`t need it anymore
I`m in love, and I`m sinking fast
And I don`t need no cure


Gee I was happy as a man could be
To far gone to escape
Power of love, don`t pull me off
Just write on my grave:


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