32crash - humanity

I see them hail those who skin them
I seem them eat the light they steal
I never prized what they adore
I never needed nor wanted what they fancy
Their fake ideals their narrow science
Their insane fun

I, man of the earth
Inter the future
Deplore the wreck of my planet
I witness the loss
Bewail the fate
Salute the fall of my own kind

Their demons come as friendly angels
Their satans talk like men of peace
They live in jail, say they’re happy
As long as the jail is nice and comfy

Humanity is a disease
Is a disgrace, a bane, a plague
Unkind and violent
Deeply hostile to life
Lame miserable
Vain risible
Vile and corrupted
Utterly useless
Lame miserable
Vain risible
Humanity is a disease
Is a disgrace
A bane
A plague

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