XiX Music Player


version 0.32c:


  • Better Songtext search. '(demo)' and '(live)' are discarded.
  • Lyricsmedia works again
  • Changed certain font sizes to fixed sizes. Easier for different platforms and Linux Distro's. Will also make it easier to implement user font size.
  • Changes in Dialogs and Listboxes to make them less OS dependent
  • ARM: Fixed a bug on ODROID when reading the database
  • ARM: Fixed installbass.sh for libbassopus.so
  • Theming can hide image backgrounds on all OS's
  • External DB only gets loaded when it is specified in the config.
  • TO DO: Read and Save DB on all external Devices, not only the first in list
  • Lame Config show values for all platforms



version 0.32a:


  • Gui theme support
  • Added a third VU
  • Changes in rename or detailed info is reflected in grids
  • Save DB on external drive (optional) Saved time when a drive got disconnected.
  • Better Radio Information updates
  • ARM: Updated BASS library, better PulseAudio support
  • ARM: Odroid platform also supported
  • WINDOWS: Drive was not always included in filenames. (FIXED)


version 0.31m:


  • Removed a coding error. Adding Radiostation works again.


version 0.31l:


  • Removed a coding error. The file created for artistinfo was opened twice and never closed. (Error creating thread)


version 0.31k:


  • Spanish translation (Thanks to José Maschiovechio)
  • Read OPUS Tags (contains still errors due to hardcoded posistions, works on most files)
  • Correctly adjust some international chars (MP3)


version 0.31j:


  • Read M4A Tags
  • Notification showed previous album (FIXED)
  • MacOS X - 0.31j2: Removed a coding error. The file created for artistinfo was opened twice and never closed. (Error creating thread)


version 0.31i:


  • Edit/Save APE tags


version 0.31h:


  • Edit/Save OGG and FLAC tags
  • Added Original Artist, Composer and Copyright to OGG/FLAC id3-tags


version 0.31g:


  • ALL: Added Original Artist, Composer and Copyright to MP3 id3-tags
  • ALL: Show Original Artist and Composer when playing
  • ALL: Show bitrate for OGG files
  • ALL: Start of Danish translation (Thanks to Karl Vaeversted)


version 0.31f:


  • ALL: Very Basic OPUS and APE support
  • LINUX: Libraries are now found when copied to /usr/lib (For codec support)


version 0.31e:


  • ALL: Loading CD-Cover is threaded. (Can be more optimized by using streams instead of files) (NOT YET FOR WINDOWS)


Version 0.31d:


  • LINUX: sound distortion on some LINUX Distros is solved
  • ALL: New Splashscreen


Version 0.31a:


  • ALL: Better ID3-TAG APIC support
  • ALL: Progressbar while loading files
  • ALL: Option to ReRead ID3-Tags


Version 0.30nt: (LINUX (i386), MacOS X - TEST RELEASE 7)


  • New Source code, so new bugs and previous fixes can be available
  • NEW: More than 40000 songs can be loaded
  • NEW: Fade between manual selection is working
  • NEW: Info about artist using info found on xixmusicplayer and/or Last.fm
  • NEW: Discography found on xixmusicplayer
  • NEW: Better thread support (Songtext, artist info, M3U playlists)
  • NEW: Add to begin of PLAYING QUEUE
  • NEW: Play Same Genre or Year
  • NEW: Better CD Ripping support
  • NEW: LAME Configuration is being used and saved
  • NEW: Test Radiostation before adding
  • NEW: New songs always get scanned for id3-tags (Slower, but more accurate)
  • NEW: Added COMPOSER and COPYRIGHT tafs for MP3 files
  • NEW: Rip DVD Tracks only needs MPLAYER
  • REMOVED: Theme support (Temp)
  • NEEDS WORK: When new files are added/deleted, sometimes all files get scanned for id3-tags (slow and not needed)
  • Test 2: FX are back
  • Test 2: Language change on the fly. Bug in Language choice removed.
  • Test 2: NO DEBUGGING INFO: Smaller Size
  • Test 3: Playing a file from File Manager is back
  • Test 3: Changing folders in configuration loads these new selected folders (needs some more work)
  • Test 4: MacOS compilation
  • Test 4: MacOS: Made the Internet Archive Logo better blend in
  • Test 4: ALL: Removed a small LAME CONFIG error
  • Test 4: ALL: Listen to a radio recording
  • Test 4: ALL: Adding/changing PLAYLISTS updates the PLAYING QUEUE PopUp Menu too
  • Test 4: ALL: You are reminded that a shedule is planned when Quiting the application
  • Test 4: ALL: Removed a small PODCAST error
  • Test 5: ARM Release. Loading times are slower, but once loaded, the application should be faster (TESTING NEEDED)
  • Test 5: ALL: Added PODCAST are saved
  • Test 5: ALL: Deleting a file did not yet delete the file
  • Test 5: Some EQ errors removed.
  • Test 5: When EQ is active, changing the file setting of the EQ show be directly active too.
  • Test 6: ALL: When no CD Artwork is found, the file get scanned for the APIC ID3-Tag
  • Test 7: ALL: Removed folder RADIO & ARCHIVE. Needed files get downloaded at first start.
  • NEEDS TESTING: Ripping DVD in MacOS X with mplayer
  • NEEDS WORK: Getting ALBUM ARTWORK is not yet threaded
  • NEEDS WORK: When new files are added/deleted, sometimes all files get scanned for id3-tags (slow and not needed)
  • WANTED IN NEAR FUTURE VERSION: Musicbrainz support (fundamentals already implemented)
  • WANTED IN NEAR FUTURE VERSION: LastFM Scrobble support
  • WANTED IN NEAR FUTURE VERSION: Better Filemanager and play options in Filemanager
  • WANTED IN NEAR FUTURE VERSION: Support for http://freemusicarchive.org/


Version 0.23c:


  • Download Queue for podcasts
  • Removed an error in adding all songs to the playing queue
  • Facebook works with MacOS


Version 0.23b:


  • Fixed a bug when an empty year was entered in ripping a CD.


Version 0.23a:


  • Updated Wizard GUI to follow OS Theme more strictly.
  • Keep track of the number of times a song has been played
  • M3U File list should not create an error when changing and saving order of the songs
  • Next & Previous, EQ & FXs work for podcasts
  • Added "Internet Archive" as a source of music. 78RPM, Cylinder & Tape recordings. (SCREENSHOT)
  • Mute works for Podcasts too
  • ARM: New BASS Libraries: Support for FX (Thanks to JOBnik!) and support for .M4A


Version 0.22b:


  • MacOS updates
  • Download Podcasts
  • CD Cover lock-up removed
  • Started basic keyboard control


Version 0.22a:


  • Set EQ for individual song
  • Show bitrate in info dialog (id3-dialog)
  • ARM: Also added bass_aac.so
  • Added baspis Podcast Support (Add, Delete and Listen to Podcasts)


Version 0.21a:


  • Bringing MacOS version up-to-date
  • Some GUI updates to follow the OS theme
  • Added bass_aac.so & bass_alac.so to the libs. Possible to play M4A files (iTunes) in Linux.


Version 0.20b:


  • Changing id3-tags also possible in id3-tag info dialog
  • Internal order of song now keeps track of manual drag&drop of songs. Order should now always be OK.


Version 0.20a:


  • Changing and saving id3-tags (Rename dialog)


Version 0.19d:


  • Fixed an error in reloading folders


Version 0.19c:


  • Rip song have the FADE flag
  • First start wizard does not run the detailed info twice after start (FIXED a possible crash)
  • Removed thread from Lyrics part


Version 0.19b:


  • Schedule: plan radiostream recording
  • Updated Italian language (Thanks to Giacomo Margarito)
  • Added Italian Radiostreams
  • Updated Lyricsources


Version 0.19a:


  • Removed small error in GETCDCOVER: When no album was found and no '(' or '[' in name the first .JPG file would get loaded, while none should be loaded
  • Record the Radiostation you listen to
  • Play recorded Radiostreams
  • Fixed some small errors in save presets, when no presets are available


Version 0.18e:


  • CD Cover adjusts itself when height is smaller


Version 0.18d:


  • Removed an error in renaming file
  • Change Song information in database (In Rename Dialog)
  • Made shuffle a lot quicker (thanks to JuhaManninen - Lazarus forum)
  • Cover for Song without Album information. If a JPG File is found with the same name as the song, it gets loaded as album art
  • Beter local Cover Search
  • Loading of songs should be a little faster


Version 0.18c:


  • No need to check for CD Cover when scanning for Id3 tags
  • FIXED: Changing the M3U order does not trigger the SAVE button
  • Added www.xixmusicplayer.org as Lyric Source
  • Added www.lyricsmania.com as Lyric Source
  • FIXED: LINUX/MAC: Changing CD Cover did not change filename to lowercase


Version 0.18b:


  • Hide CD-Cover above Lyric when playing RadioStream
  • Resized some dialogs to fit new languages
  • Italian Language
  • RIP: Changes characters that can not be used by filesystem to '_'
  • ARM: EQ & Pre-Volume useable on Raspberry Pi (Other FXs not yet working)
  • ARM: Binary has grown - FX & part of CD-Ripping is already compiled in this binary.


Version 0.18a:


  • Added an option to exclude songs from fading (eg. Live CD)
  • ARM: Reverse playback is possible (needs BASS_FX, included)
  • ARM: EQ & FXs (Not yet useable on slow ARM devices)
  • WINDOWS: Rip Audio from DVD to MP3 or FLAC. Needs mplayer
  • Add languages on the fly. Put your language in the LOCAL folder and you can try out your new language.
  • Show CD-Cover above Lyrics (Sizeable)
  • Do not reload CD-Cover when CD-Cover has not changed
  • Clean up EQ code so it uses less FX layers (Should be less CPU consuming)
  • FIXED: Shuffle does not always start with the first song in the database
  • FIXED: Queue would not continue to play when a song reported a longer time than it really was
  • FIXED: WINDOWS: Forget to close the M3U playlist, so opening a second M3U was not possible
  • FIXED: WINDOWS: Forgot to close songtexts, could lead to errors


Version 0.17c:


  • More code cleanup
  • Show filesize for OGG & FLAC
  • Ripping Audio from DVD to MP3 or FLAC. Needs lsdvd & mplayer (only LINUX).
  • Ripping progress for AUDIO CD or DVD Track is now shown in the RIP Dialog (Encoding progress not yet shown)


Version 0.17b:


  • Removed one instance (Can start more XiX Players when needed)
  • Workaround for 'Samba NAS bug'. Some NAS do not report all files using Lazarus/Freepascal code. I have added an option to an alternative scan that finds all files (Only tested on Linux). Infected devices are Synology & Netgear.
  • Some code clean-up
  • Added some aliasses to retrieve songtexts
  • Remove dirs from scanning (seems it got lost somewhere)


Version 0.17a:


  • Save EQ status (ON/OFF)
  • Playlist: Remove song(s) from a playlist
  • Add playlists in Runtime in PopUpMenu. This way it is possible to add songs to a playlist without selecting the playlist first. Thanks to Mike.Cornflake & Blaazen (Lazarus Forum)
  • Only one instance of XiX Music Player can get loaded
  • Lyrics are always shown from top
  • Repeat OFF, Repeat 1, Repeat ALL now works as it should, regardless of crossfading
  • Stop playing music sets Artist & Album to '--'
  • Next & Previous now work with radiostations too
  • Show '&' in Radio Information
  • Changing Ripping String Format in Rip Dialog is used instead of the String Format in Configuration.
  • CD Covers are saved in lowercase
  • Show broadcasted Station name & Programme name
  • FIXED: Unable to reopen the Rip window after being closed when minimized
  • FIXED (Windows): Finding new songs halted the application.


Version 0.16f:


  • Added Hungarian Language (Magyar), thanks to Gyönki Bendegúz
  • Better UTF support (International characters)
  • Updated some translation strings
  • Updated homepage link to http://www.xixmusicplayer.org


Version 0.16e:


  • Added Copy, Rename & Delete file to playing Queue


Version 0.16d:


  • Removed an error in folder saving presets


Version 0.16c:


  • RADIO: Added presets to online Radio
  • Added an option to use as portable app (run from usb). Still needs to install BASS Libraries


Version 0.16b:


  • RADIO: Show basic buffer message
  • RADIO: Don't show title time string
  • RADIO: Didn't always show the radio tab correctly (FIXED)


Version 0.16a:


  • RADIO: Added Internet Radio
  • RADIO: Online Updates for recent list of available radios
  • RADIO: Add Radiostations
  • RADIO: Lyric support for online radio when title info is available


Version 0.15f:

  • Added www.lyricstime.com to lyrics search
  • Better parsing to find lyrics
  • Songtexts are saved in lowercase
  • ARM: Raspberry Pi Support
  • ARM: Only supports armhf (Hard Float) distro
  • ARM: No reverse playback
  • ARM: No CD, No EQ, No FX


Version 0.15d:


  • Dock Songtext Dialog uses internal icon
  • In artist mode: Play or navigate to Album
  • Better click handling of Listboxes
  • RIP CD: Added '%1' in filename parsing (First character of artist)
  • RIP CD: Change parsing string in ripping window
  • RIP CD: Added 'Album' to all songs that you want to rip and fill in Album, Year & Genre when available


Version 0.15c:


  • Makes your own themes
  • Made the window colors matching the system colors
  • Themes are now saved in 1 file
  • Executable File is bigger. This is because that the images are saved in the executable itself.
  • If you choose the Default theme, no theme file needs to be opened at start.
  • Disabled Color themes (temp)
  • Delete M3U Playlist
  • Added FX: Echo, Reverb, Flanger


Version 0.15a:


  • Added an Equalizer & Pre-Amp
  • Better songtext parsing
  • Added www.lyricsmode.com to lyrics search
  • Rename file
  • Show source and link to lyrics source
  • Balance control


Version 0.14f:


  • This release adds French and updated the Dutch language translation.
  • Mute button
  • Another error removed in CDDB parsing
  • Automatically recognizes compilation CDs in CD-ripping mode
  • Mac OS X support again (with fullscreen option)
  • Create and post your own personal Facebook posts.
  • An error in parsing CDDB introduced with the new CDText support has been fixed.
  • A popup menu to add YEAR and GENRE to all songs that you want to rip has been added
  • Facebook support (via FBCMD).
  • CDText support works again.
  • A check has been added in First Time Wizard for Lame, FLAC, and FBCMD.


Version 0.14a:


  • When a folder is added or removed in the settings, the songs are updated without the need of a restart


Version 0.13f:


  • Possible to scan ID3 tags on its first start
  • When new files are found, the option is given to scan ID3 tags.
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Better resizing on VU Changes
  • Discovery of M3Us in all added folders
  • Language and theme choice used in configuration
  • Color Themes
  • Better "drag start" from the playing queue


Version 0.13a:


  • Added Analog VU Meters, choice is written in config file
  • Added a visual to the main window that shows the progress of the songs being checked
  • Seperated CD-Text extraction. CDDB is used instead. If CD-Text is found you can choose to use CD-Text.
  • Removed an error in deleting a song in Browser
  • Basic M3U Support
  • Sorting in filebrowser works
  • Play a song without adding it to the Playing Queue
  • Show the songs of 'same artist' or 'same album'


Version 0.12:


  • Added OGG support
  • Read OGG & FLAC tags
  • Basic Filebrowser support
  • Hides playlist when in Filebrowser or CD mode


Version 0.11b:


  • Possible to add songs after the current track playing
  • Removed some more errors on an empty Playing Queue :)
  • Reverse playback of MP3 & FLAC (NEEDS BASSFX LIBRARY)
  • Replacing songs after updates should work better
  • Double click on the browser, brings you to the Playing Queue
  • Simple Search: Search in artist, album, title, genre and year


Version 0.10c:


  • Pressing Play button in CD section loads CD when not already loaded.
  • Removed some more errors on an empty Playing Queue :)
  • Emptying the Playing Queue removes all song when no song is playing, otherwise the playing song stays in the playing Queue
  • CD: Next, Previous & Play work again (was playing the MP3 Playing Queue)
  • Dropping a song in the playlist produced an error under MacOS X and Windows
  • Clicking Header in Playing Queue sorts the row selected
  • Drag and drop Header doesn't drop the first song anymore
  • Save & use Notification settings
  • Ripped & encoded songs are put in the library
  • Loaded CD artwork gets also copied to front.jpg if not already exists
  • Changed some icons and dialogs
  • MacOS: Removed an error in CD Ripping/Encoding that prevented lame to run


Version 0.09c:


  • Remove CD images from cache
  • Remove Lyrics from cache
  • Remove CD artwork
  • Load CD artwork from file
  • Remove Lyric
  • Reload Lyric from site
  • Load Lyric from file
  • Save changes in Lyric
  • Added Genre in CD Ripping/Encoding
  • Added Year in CD Ripping/Encoding
  • Added Tray Icon & notification
  • Removed some errors in case of empty Playing Queue



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