XiX Music Player

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Source available @ http://sourceforge.net/projects/xixmusicplayer/


Juli 2014 - .CUE support


Working on .CUE support for Albums ripped into one file (thanks to Дримыч Лесной for the idea)


Juli 2014 - Lyrics


More than 8000 lyrics are hosted now xixmusicplayer.org

CD Covers & Artist Pictures are following fast


Apr 2014 - Theming and Fullscreen Mediamode


Added features are theming support and fullscreen Mediamode (Ctrl-M or double click on the CD cover/icon). The fullscreen Mediamode is ment to be used on TV. Shortcuts will be published soon ... (The most important can be found in the configuration dialog)


Apr 2014 - Odroid


From now on the ARM Builds (Raspberry Pi) are compiled and tested on the Odroid U3. This is a much faster board than the Raspberry Pi, but compatible binaries.


Feb 2014 - New Design


New Design (Small changes) - Download available for MacOS

Start of seperate Database for external sources. So when your NAS or external HDD is not connected the library must not be rebuild.

30/12/2013 - Code Updates and more ...


First I would like to thank Umair from NOOBSLAB for preparing a PPA for XiXMusicPlayer that makes it easy to install on Ubuntu/Linux Mint and other Ubuntu based distros.


To add and use the PPA:


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/apps

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install xix-media-player




I am currently working on ID3 tagging for all supported audio formats. I am using and modifying code from http://mac.sourceforge.net/atl/. There is no support for OPUS, MP4, M4A and AAC, so I am looking to update the code and add/create the units needed to tag these missing audio formats.

Any help welcome.

Files will be updated to http://mac.sourceforge.net/atl/




XiX Music Player will be released under GPL. This will have consequences for the BASS libraries. These will have to be seperated from the package and become a seperate download. For Linux this is already possible, and a small step. The same will howeverhave to be done for MacOS X and Windows


It is also possible that no Windows update will appear until someone steps up to keep the Windows version up-to-date




06/11/2013 - Test release for Linux & MacOS X


Released the first test downloads for XiX Music Player based on the new Source Code.

This code contains a lot of copy/paste because of the little time I have for development.


The most important differences are better thread support, so the application does not halt while getting songtext or artist info. Also searching for M3U is threaded.


Please try it out and mail your reports.


30/06/2013 - New code base started


Started to recode XiX Music Player. Source code has grown out of place by adding unforeseen features. Also the Windows version contains a few bugs that are hard to remove keeping the code as is.


In the meantime, small updates will be released for Linux & MacOS X (and maybe Windows). The NEW version will be available whenever it is on par with the current release.

30/04/2013 - MacOS Development has returned (Updated 12/05/2013)


Development for the MacOS has returned :)


To try out the ripping of DVD-Tracks to MP3 you will need the terminal version of mplayer. You can install this version using MacPorts (http://www.macports.org) (THIS IS NOT NEEDED ANYMORE FOR MPLAYER, NEWEST VERSION IS INCLUDED IN DOWNLOAD)


I would recommend to install these packages:


- lame (If you want to encode to MP3)

- flac (If you want to encode to FLAC)

- mplayer (optional, is included in download)


HOW-TO MacPorts:


After installing MacPorts, start the Terminal. In the Terminal you type:


cd /opt/local/bin

sudo port -v selfupdate

sudo port install lame

sudo port install flac

sudo port install mplayer


21/04/2013 - Windows troubles


Some unforeseen problems with he Windows version.

Windows seem to lock the MP3-files played & currently playing, so it is not possible to update the ID3-Tag information. I think the played files are already solved by freeing the file, but the played file cannot be freed without quiting playing.


One solution (the easiest) is to just show a warning that the file is locked while playing, but I would like to overcome this problem. So a second solution is to keep all changes in memory and apply when the song is being freed (some sort of journaling). this will take some time and testing, so the I think I will use the first solution while working on the second solution.


UPDATE: Please test the Windows build. I think ID3 tags should work.


19/04/2013 - Changing/Saving Id3-tags


Working on saving Id3-tags. Already working in Linux, but noy yet very well tested.

No embedding of pictures yet in Id3-tags.


03/04/2013 - Schedule Radio recordings


Coming up: Make a schedule for your internet radio station. You can choose to record the stream, get a notification, or listen at the stream. The last 2 are already working. A new release possible next week.


15/03/2013 - MacOS development will start again


Development for MacOS will start again very soon. In a couple of weeks I will be a proud owner of an iMac.


2/03/2013 - Raspberry Pi - Forgot to add library for FX


If you have trouble to start the newest build for the Raspberry Pi, I recommend to download the package again and run 'installbass.sh'. I forgot to add the 'libbass_fx.so' that is needed for the EQ.


FX's include EQ & reverse playback. Others FXs do not yet work.


This build also works on other ARMHF distro's. Tested on Galaxy Tab 2 - P7300. No sound support for that tablet :(

Think I will need a NEXUS :)


2/03/2013 - Blog started


A small blog place to keep you informed about the latest developments.